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What Happens During Intake Counseling Session

Understanding the Counseling Relationship

One of the first things that happens is discussing informed consent, defining the counseling relationship, and other basics, such as payments, session lengths, and rescheduling.

This step helps ensure that the counselor and client are starting off on the same page with the same expectations. A therapeutic relationship develops through transparency. This is one part of a counselor being transparent, clear, and setting boundaries.

This step can also help eliminate future confusion if you do need to reschedule.


Why Are You Starting Counseling?

Some of this may have been discussed during the initial consultation. You may be asked why you are interested in counseling and what you hope to have happen. 

There are no right or wrong answers. Counselors understand that there are many reasons that people start counseling. Sometimes clients fear the stigma, shame, or secrecy around certain topics. Clients welcome you to talk about whatever you want. 

This is your counseling session.


The History of You

There may be questions about the history of your previous counseling experiences, family history, relationship history, and so on. This part is typically more like an overview rather than a deep dive. 

This information helps a counselor understand who you are as a person and experiences you have had. A holistic counseling view looks at the client as a whole person who has had many experiences, some of which may have had a larger impact than others.

Sharing Information and Asking Questions

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about counseling, expectations and whatever else you want to ask.

This is a great time to share information about yourself that you feel is important. The information you share is helpful. You are not required to share information you are not ready to share.

Planning The Next Appointment

The main goal of intake is for the counselor to have a starting point with you and for you to have a starting point with them. This is where your therapeutic counseling relationship begins. 

Each intake appointment is a little different based on the counselor, client, and reasons for counseling. 

The next appointment is typically planned at the intake appointment. 

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