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Life Transition Counseling

The Short Version

There is a quote that the only constant is life is change.  Life transitions are often about change, finding the path forward, and acceptance of difficult emotions.

Types of Life Transitions

There are so many different types of life transitions. Here are just a few.

  • Relationship. Some examples of relationship changes include going from single to into a relationship – or the other way around – from being in a relationship to being single. 
  • Family. Families often grow through the birth of a child, adoption, or fostering. Loss can impact families through death, divorce, or complicated family dynamics.
  • Employment. Maybe you are starting your first job, retiring or somewhere in between. Are you an entrepreneur or trying ot be? There can be some big transitions in there too. 

How Counseling Can Help

Some of the ways counseling can help:

  • Understanding. Gain understanding about what these life transitions mean to you. Often times, there is meaning beyond the obvious tied to hopes and dreams.  
  • Coping Skills. Life transitions can require many decisions, which can create decision fatigue. The changes also create uncertainty that has the potential to create anxiety. Coping skills can include working through acceptance of emotions and techniques that calm the nervous system.
  • Path Forward. Counseling can be a place to explore potential goals and work towards them. There may be internal or external challenges that can be explored further.

The word explore was used a lot in this post about life transitions. Life transitions often bring you to a place that you haven’t been before. Counseling allows you to explore where you are, how you got there, and the path forward. 

Life Transitions Counseling Online

Are you interested in life transitions counseling in Boulder? Life transitions counseling in Denver? My Being Counseling offers virtual appointments to clients in the State of Colorado. 

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