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Five Benefits to Telehealth Counseling

1. Increase Access to Counseling

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At My Being Counseling, we are aware that not all individuals have access to counseling services in their local area. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive the support they need. 

Through our telehealth services, individuals living in areas without in-person counseling options can still have access to professional counseling appointments. Our services are available to clients throughout Colorado, and we offer phone or computer sessions for your convenience. 

2. Flexible Scheduling

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At My Being Counseling, we understand that individuals have varying schedules and specific requirements. Hence, we leverage telehealth to provide a flexible schedule that accommodates your preferred appointment time. With telehealth, we can assist you without staying in the office all day, improving accessibility without compromising convenience.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and aim to promote it by offering ultimate scheduling flexibility, including evenings and weekends. 

3. Save Time

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At My Being Counseling, we recognize the value of time, which is why we prioritize your wellbeing above all else. We believe that each moment is precious, and that your time is a precious commodity.

That’s why we offer telehealth services that eliminate the need for physically visiting our counseling office, thereby saving you valuable time that you can use to do other things. 

4. Increased Collaboration

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At My Being Counseling, our top priority is your wellbeing. We understand that during times of vulnerability, you may benefit from additional support. That’s why we offer an optional online portal that provides a secure and efficient way for you to collaborate with your counselor. The portal is primarily used for transmitting appointment-related messages and is not recommended for urgent situations.

However, it provides a valuable space for exchanging resources, following up between sessions, and achieving your goals. 

5. Medical and Health Concerns

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At My Being Counseling, we recognize the unique challenges that individuals face due to COVID-19 and other unseen illnesses. In order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our clients, we offer telehealth services that provide easy access to the necessary resources.

During our intake appointment, we take the time to discuss your past mental, physical, and emotional history to ensure that we provide holistic care that meets your individual needs. Our goal is to support you in every step of your journey towards better mental and emotional health.